Reopening soon

The school will reopen very soon.

For further information please contact our colleagues in Vancouver or Toronto.

Welcome to GEOS Languages Plus Calgary!

Thank you for visiting our site.  Our unique learning system which focuses on producing and using language has helped students learn great English for over 40 years. GEOS offers great packages of education, accommodation and activities -- as well as pathways to higher education

About GEOS Calgary

Choosing studying English at GEOS Calgary will be one of the right decisions to make if you want to experience authentic Canada while learning English from the beginning, improving your English skills by practicing more or prepare for an upcoming test. Located within the beautiful downtown core, GEOS Calgary is closely located to many convenient amenities for students to access and enjoy. 

Learn more about our beautiful city!

If you are in Calgary, come and take a Free ESL Trial Lesson.

The GEOS Languages Plus Difference

At GEOS Languages Plus, students benefit from variety in their daily classes. They are able to practice all of the English language skills because they get three different classes every day. Each class is taught by a different teacher. All our students take up to 90 minutes speaking and listening every day. 

GEOS Languages Plus - North America

Our school is part of the fast-growing GEOS Languages Plus North America chain. With 10 locations in North America and 3 in England, we can help you have the holiday of your dreams or change your life.  Our ESL English Learning institutions are only one part of what we do. Our parent company Sprachcaffe offers language training and adventure in 28 world-wide locations.  



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