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The school will reopen very soon.

For further information please contact our colleagues in Vancouver or Toronto.

欢迎来到GEOS Language Plus 卡尔加里!

GEOS Language Plus 卡尔加里主页是较大的全球语言机构的一部分,致力于语言教学已超过25年。现在马上报名美丽的加拿大卡尔加里的英语课程吧!学校位于美丽的市中心的心脏地带,附近设施便捷方便。

在GEOS,我们的课程根据强度和长度分为假期英语课程(10 课时/周)、标准英语课程(20 课时/周) 和强化英语课程(30 课时/周)。所有的课程都包括主动听力和综合技能(我们的核心课程),这两者是GEOS 语言教学的支柱。

我们的雅思(IELTS)和托福(TOEFL) 应试课程深受想要继续在英语国家升入大专院校的学生的欢迎。这两个课程都是为了帮助有一定英语基础(4-6级)的学生在英语的听说读写方面达到高水平的程度。

在GEOS Language Plus卡尔加里,我们也通过我们的有竞争优势的大学直通车项目帮助学生达到他们的求学目标。我们和在加拿大、美国、英国和马耳他的超过50所的大中院校建立了紧密的联系。您可以点击这里查询我们现今合作的院校列表。




About GEOS Calgary

Choosing studying English at GEOS Calgary will be one of the right decisions to make if you want to experience authentic Canada while learning English from the beginning, improving your English skills by practicing more or prepare for an upcoming test. Located within the beautiful downtown core, GEOS Calgary is closely located to many convenient amenities for students to access and enjoy. 

Learn more about our beautiful city!

If you are in Calgary, come and take a Free ESL Trial Lesson.

The GEOS Languages Plus Difference

At GEOS Languages Plus, students benefit from variety in their daily classes. They are able to practice all of the English language skills because they get three different classes every day. Each class is taught by a different teacher. All our students take up to 90 minutes speaking and listening every day. 

GEOS Languages Plus - North America

Our school is part of the fast-growing GEOS Languages Plus North America chain. With 10 locations in North America and 3 in England, we can help you have the holiday of your dreams or change your life.  Our ESL English Learning institutions are only one part of what we do. Our parent company Sprachcaffe offers language training and adventure in 28 world-wide locations.  



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