• GEOS Calgary offers a wide-range of language courses suitable for all skill levels and experiences! 
  • GEOS Calgary offers a wide-range of language courses suitable for all skill levels and experiences! 

We are part of a large global network of ESL schools that has been dedicated to language instruction for over 25 years. Register now to take English courses in beautiful Calgary, Canada!   Located within the beautiful downtown core, we are closely located to many convenient amenities for students to access and enjoy.

If you are in Calgary, come and take a Free ESL Trial Lesson.

At GEOS Calgary, our ESL courses range in intensity and duration. We offer a Part-time English Program (10 lessons/week), Standard English Program (20 lessons/week) and Intensive English Program (30 lessons/week), all of which include Active Listening and Integrated Skills (our core classes) as pillars of GEOS language instruction.

Our test preparation courses, IELTS and TOEFL are popular choices for students looking to continue their education at post-secondary institutions in English speaking countries.  Both of these courses are designed for intermediate to advanced English speakers (levels 4-6) to further develop their ability to speak, listen, read and write English at a high level.

At GEOS Language Plus Calgary, we also help our ESL students achieve their educational goals through our competitive University/College Pathway program.  We have close relationships with over 50 post-secondary institutions across Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Malta. Click here for a list of the institutions we currently work with. 

Private one-on-one tutorials are perfect for students who can’t fit regular classes into their busy schedules.  Our ESL teachers work independently with the student to develop a unique curriculum that is tailored to his/her individual needs and wants while here in Calgary. 

We offer multiple accommodation options for international students. The most popular option, homestay, puts the student directly into the home of a family in Calgary, thus encouraging cultural immersion.  In addition, however, depending on the season and availability, students may also choose to live in a private residence. Contact us directly for more details.