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The school will reopen very soon.

For further information please contact our colleagues in Vancouver or Toronto.

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IELTS Testimonials

“Last Saturday, I took the IELTS test at GEOS Calgary. I would say that's an excellent place to take the IELTS test. Firstly, I like the desks very much, which are big rather than just a small chair with a board that is only partly in front of you. Secondly, clocks are fixed high on the wall, you can check the time very easy. I don’t like when the clock is at the bottom of the blackboard. If you are unlucky to sit some chairs behind other candidates, you will feel unhappy because it is difficult to see. Thirdly, I would say it is easy to go there because GEOS Calgary is next to a downtown C-train station.”
Jason, China

“IELTS stood out immediately because it tests all four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening, giving a well-rounded assessment of my English.”
Arnik Surasarang, Bangkok, Thailand; attended Lancaster University (UK)

“IELTS was the test I sat for my visa and also for starting my new job – it makes the world a smaller place.”
Pavel, large accounting firm, Australia.

“IELTS made me realise how important it is to have an international qualification.”
Flora Mou, Beijing, China

"The IELTS test opened the door for me."
Harritapak Kiratisaevee, Bangkok, Thailand; graduated from University of Liverpool (UK)

“The design of the IELTS test is customised and reflects the genuine English capability of test takers.”
Du Lanlan (Beijing, China), IELTS score: 7.5, admitted into Binghampton University (USA)

“IELTS gave me more confidence when applying for university.”
Tang Shaonan, Shanghai, China; IELTS score: 7.0; admitted into Graziadio School, Pepperdine University (USA)


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For IELTS enquiries please email ielts(at), visit in-person Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, or call 403-266-5152.

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