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IELTS Test Results


On the 13th day after a test, results can be checked online by clicking HERE.  (Second Friday after a Saturday test.)


Getting your Test Result Form (TRF):

1. The Test Result Form (TRF) is mailed on this day by Canada Post. 

- GEOS Calgary is not responsible for lost mail or address errors. If the TRF is returned to GEOS Calgary due to an address error, we will re-send it ($10.00 fee). Candidates may request up to two additional TRFs under conditions such as damage or loss ($20.00 fee). A courier can also be requested (extra fees apply).

2. The Test Result Form (TRF) can be picked-up directly from the centre.

- You should bring a valid ID when claiming the result.

Third Party Collection of TRF: 

Candidates can authorise a third party to collect TRF by:

a.) Providing the test centre with written authorisation for a third party to collect TRF, which includes the full name and ID document number of that third party.

b.) Having the third party present a copy of the candidate ID used on test day along with a signed authorosation from the candidate. This ID copy must be checked against the candidate test day ID copy available at the test centre from the test.

c.) Having the third party present their original ID document and the test centre should perform a visual ID check, including checking the ID document number against the third party ID document number provided by the candidate.


Test Day InformationTransfer/Cancellations


Extra Test Results & Remark Requests

Result Copies & Sending

Sending Results & Additional Copies

At registration time and for two years after the test date, test takers can request results to be sent to receiving institutions (e.g. universities, immigration officers, etc.). If you would like us to do this, please download and fill out the Additional TRF Request Form and then return by Email or in-person at the Test Centre.

Academic test takers can make five requests at no charge up to 4 weeks after the test date. There is a $20.00 fee for each request after 4 weeks or after five requests have been made.

General Training test takers may request ONE additional TRF for immigration purposes. If requested up to four weeks after a test there is no extra fee.  If requested at registration, they will receive two TRFs (1 for their own copy and 1 for immigration purpose in a sealed envelope). There is a $20.00 fee for requests after 4 weeks. 

Courier fee is $35.00 within Canada, United States is $50.00. International courier fees will be determined at the time of request.

Payments can be made using an online credit card authorization form (link provided by email) or at the centre.

Institutions may be able to view candidates’ scores through the IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Verification Service. To do this they will need your Test Report Form number which can be found in the bottom right corner of your Test Report Form.

Result Enquiries

Request for a Re-Marking Test

If you believe there has been an error with your results, you may request a re-mark. This process is known as an Enquiry on Results. It can be a full re-mark (i.e. all test papers) or a partial re-mark (i.e. one or more modules) of their original results. Test takers must submit all their requests for a re-mark to the IELTS Test Centre Administrator within six weeks of the test date. The charge to have a review is $150.00. This fee will be refunded if your score is increased for any part of the test.

Test takers requesting a re-mark must:

1.Fill out an Enquiry On Results Form

2.Submit the original IELTS Test Report Form AND the Enquiry On Results Form to the IELTS Test Centre

3.Pay $150.00 CAD fee. (online credit card form or at the centre)

4.Wait approximately six weeks to eight weeks to be notified of the results.

Please note:

  • There is no appeal after this review. The decision is final.
  • During the period of remarking, the test results are frozen, and cannot be used to apply for a university or be sent to an immigration office. Any extra TRF application lodged during this period will be regarded as invalid.
  • Should the scores change after the Enquiry on Results, we will issue a new Test Report Form for the test taker, who can apply for five extra copies to be sent to receiving institutions free of charge within one month of the date printed at the bottom of the new Test Report Form.
  • When the score is unchanged, the original Test Report Form will be returned to the test taker.
  • The test taker’s full contact address, postal code and daytime telephone number must be provided on the Application Form for Enquiry on Results.

All IELTS test centres meet strict audited standards of quality, security and customer service.


Understand Your IELTS Score

IELTS provides results for all levels of English: there is no such thing as a pass or fail. You will be given a score from zero to nine for each part of the test – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

Find out more about how to understand your IELTS scores and the nine-band system.


Centre Hours

For IELTS enquiries please email ielts(at), visit in-person Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, or call 403-266-5152.


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