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IELTS Test Tips & Resources

GEOS Calgary offers discounted IELTS Preparation classes for test takers at our centre . As well, British Council offers FREE access to Road to IELTS: Last Minute.

Test takers can also take advantage of the many resources available online to help understand and study for the IELTS test. We have listed some important ones below that we recommend.



Would you like to estimate your IELTS score? Use these score calculators to see what overall band score or listening/reading band score you think you will get.

British Council developed a series of videos to help test takers improve their score.  You can find these helpful videos with many tips and strategies on our IELTS preparation video page.  There are even more videos to watch at LearnEnglish British Council.


Have you visited for online IELTS preparation help? (Links on the right side) 

Free IELTS Practice Tests are available for each section of the test and for Academic or General Modules. You will also find links to activities and resources.  Follow this link to understand the IELTS test format.

While you are on the move, why not use an app to prepare for the test. Use the IELTS Word Power app (iPhone, Android) or select a general English learning app from here (there are games!).

Did you take a CLB assessment test?  View IELTS equivalency scores.



All test takers should download and read the Information for Candidates: Introducing IELTS to test takers (English) booklet.

Other Language versions available:


Our face to face speaking test allows you to demonstrate your best English.

Below are a few tips to help on test day.

Listening Section

  • Do not panic if you think the topic is too difficult or the speaker is too fast; relax and tune in.

Reading Section

  • Attempt all questions; there are no penalties for incorrect answers, so you have nothing to lose.

Writing Section

  • Manage your time; remember, Task 2 is worth twice as much as Task 1.

Speaking Section

  • Ask for clarification if necessary.

There are a lot more tips on each section of the IELTS test in the Test Day Advice section at  Plus, the Test Taker Tips section has interviews with past candidates offering their advice on how to prepare.

One more website to check out for IELTS information is

Centre Hours

For IELTS enquiries please email ielts(at), visit in-person Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, or call 403-266-5152.


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