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Work, Study & Scholarships

Canada offers many programs for foreigners to start on a journey towards immigrating to Canada.  There is Express Entry or Quebec Selected Skilled Workers plus others for working and applying for permanent residence.

Foreigners wishing to study in Canada also have a selection of programs to choose from that lead to working (during study and after) and immigration. As well, the Canadian government offers scholarships to students all over the world.

Taking the IELTS test will be an important part of the application process in the different immigration programs for Canada.  For study, IELTS Academic test is accepted at most universities (also USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand). It is also taken for joining professional organisations. The IELTS General test is used for Canadian work, permanent residence, and citizenship applications.

Apart from offering IELTS Preparation to help with immigration applications we have also listed online resources below that may be useful.



Calgary Immigrant Educational Society

Immigrant Services Calgary

Newcomers Canada

Canadian Immigrant

Citizenship & Immigration Canada

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